Gislev Friskole

Address: Faaborgvej 24
Postal code/ZIP: 5854
Town/Suburb/City: Gislev
Country: Denmark

Csongrádi Batsányi János Gimnázium

Address: Kossuth tér 1.
Postal code/ZIP : 6640
Town/Suburb/City: Csongrád
Country: Hungary

Cudibey Ortaokulu

Address: Cumhuriyet m. kasım s. no:15
Postal code/ZIP: 61100
Town/Suburb/City: Ortahisar
Country: Turkey 

Osnovna škola Bršadin

Address: Duje Zaharića bb
Postal code/ZIP: 32222
Town/Suburb/City: Bršadin
Country: Croatia

Tartu Raatuse

Address: Raatuse 88a
Postal code/ZIP: 51009
Town/Suburb/City: Tartu
Country: Estonia

Gislev Friskole - our coordinator

Gislev Friskole is a free private school situated in a rural area. The school was founded in 1872 and its ideology is based on Grundtvig and Kold. We have112 students within the age of 6-16 years. We teach from Kindergarten to 9'th grade at the school. We are 9 teachers, 3 pedagogical employees, 7 kindergarten teachers and 4 practical workers at the school.

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Tartu Raatuse Kool

Tartu Raatuse School is a primary school, with 9 grades (students up to 16 years old). Today about 465 students are studying and 52 teachers, 4 members of school support staff and a school nurse are working in our school.

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Osnovna škola Bršadin

Osnovna škola Bršadin was formed and began to work as an independent primary school in 2012. Attendants are students of 7-14 years. All classrooms in our school are equipped with a computer and a projector, and in one classroom there has been installed the whiteboard, with the aim of greater clarification, and wider possibilities of research work using ICT.

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Cudibey Ortaokulu

Cudibey Secondary School is a national school with 4 grades (5,6,7,8). The agegroup is between 11 and 14. We have 1235 students, one headmaster, 4 assistant managers, 87 teachers and 9 support staff. The school has 39 classrooms, 2 teachers' rooms, 1 library, 1 conference hall, 1 sports hall, 1 counselling service room and 1 canteen.

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