Osnovna škola Bršadin

Osnovna škola Bršadin was formed and began to work as an independent primary school in 2012. Attendants are students of 7-14 years. All classrooms in our school are equipped with a computer and a projector, and in one classroom there has been installed the whiteboard, with the aim of greater clarification, and wider possibilities of research work using ICT.

In the entire school building Internet is installed for the needs of modern teaching. In addition to standard classrooms we have IT classroom in which our students acquire computer skills.

Our school library is a place where students love to stay, do the research and prepare school plays. We have organized virtual classes for one student who, due to difficulties, follows the lessons from home. Until this school year our school attended a student with auditory difficulties, included in regular class. All of our students with disabilities have their own assistants. Therefore, we are very sensitive to children who belong to sensitive groups in order to achieve a higher degree of inclusion. In our school we conduct classes in Serbian and Croatian language. English is taught from the first grade, and from 4th grade German language, as well. What stands out our school is striving for respect for diversity. Together with the students, we nurture the culture and customary tradition of our nation, and with joy we get to know other people and cultures.

Osnovna škola Bršadin is located in a natural environment which we cultivate with joy by planting native plant species and old varieties of fruit, vegetables and flowers. We want to turn green areas into a park in the English style, in which the rustic benches and tables will serve as an ideal place for the study of original reality and sell products made by our students' cooperative ‘’Pannonia’’.
School surrounded by a park is ideal for performing sports activities and old children's games.

Our students, under the supervision of their teachers, selflessly will point to examples of good practice and to meet their aspirations to expand communication skills in a foreign language, intercultural and IT competencies, developing a culture of traveling and learning about other cultures.


The school organizes a project for students of 6th grade ''A Safer Internet '', parents' meetings on the topic of protecting children from the dangers of the Internet (cyber bullying). Every year we regularly hold workshops to increase awareness of the dangers that lurk on the Internet, about the dangers of computer games addiction. The school organizes events which include old games, sports and children's. During classes we workout 10 minutes. During the breaks we let students to watch and participate via the projector music and choreographies with exercises aimed at increasing physical activity.

School has participated in the activities of collecting food, clothing, school supplies students with areas affected by natural disasters (floods 2015 in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), refugees affected by the current migrant crisis, students from Kosovo.