4th Transnational Project Meeting in Turkey

The 4th Transnational Meeting  within Erasmus+ project "Square Eyed Students" was held in Istanbul,Turkey.We had three days meeting full with answering the question for the final report.We evaluated our which lasted two years time.We negotiated the questions all together and made our comments.

During two years we had seven mobilities,four of them was students Exchange and 3 of them was transnational projects.It was a great and unforgettable experience for our students.We filled in questionnaires after each mobilities and evaluated the activities and mobility week.While writing final report we checked questionnare results and read the application form again to check if we did what we promised on the form.We finished writing the final report in three days time.

We worked hard within two years,we learned a lot of things about the Project idea,education systems, culture,traditions and countries.We gained a lot of experience and friendship.

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Screens free day

The screens free day was organized on January 29th 2019 in Brsadin, Croatia, Csongrad, Hungary, Cudibey secondary school in Trabzon, Turkey,  Gislev Friskole in Gislev, Denmark and,Tartu Raatuse School in Tartu, Estonia, within the framework of the Erasmus + Square Eyed Students (SES) project and was conducted on the same day in all project partner countries.

It was the day when the entire schools (including students, staff and teachers!) didn’t used any display devices. That means telephones, computers, and projectors. Instead of puting the information into the electronic diaries of the students we used the written notes, real dictionaries instead of Google Translate etc.

The goal of the day was the to give to the pupil the opportunity to experience what it means to be a day without screens, trying to analyze it first and foremost inside themselves. What it gave, what it took and what it taught.

The children participating in the SES project made the vox-pop video interviews with the students and teachers and shared them with each other in the Twinspace platform.

In Denmark, we watch the news in the television with 5-9'th grade every Tuesday and Thursday. This Screen Free Tuesday, the teachers had to read the Newspapers to the students and discuss the news instead of watching.

In all partner countries, we experienced, that it was hard for the students to be without computers. Some didn’t like the feeling, others enjoyed to have time to play board games, play and make activities with their families. Every student reflected on their screen habits and some even changed their habits afterwards.

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C3 Short-term exchange of groups of students in Estonia

The short-term exchanges of groups of pupils within Erasmus+ project "Square Eyed Students" was hosted by Tartu Raatuse School in Tartu and took place from November 19 to November 23 2018. To these dates two travelling dates were added. 30 students and 8 teachers from all five different countries participated. To them all the hosting and organizing team of Estonian teachers can be added.

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Mobility to Bršadin, Croatia

As a Turkish team we had a great time in Croatia.The hosting country was welcoming and tried to do their best. Our students enjoyed a lot from workshops and they learnt how to use computer and internet more efficiently.They improved their English and gained experience.We learnt Croatian culture history and traditions.In the national day we tasted different food from partner countries.We visited a lot of schools and talked a lot of teachers ,learnt their education system.