Cudibey Ortaokulu

Cudibey Secondary School is a national school with 4 grades (5,6,7,8). The agegroup is between 11 and 14. We have 1235 students, one headmaster, 4 assistant managers, 87 teachers and 9 support staff. The school has 39 classrooms, 2 teachers' rooms, 1 library, 1 conference hall, 1 sports hall, 1 counselling service room and 1 canteen.

The classrooms are equiped with smartboards but there is no internet connection.

Our school is located in Trabzon,Turkey. Trabzon is in Black Sea region with a population of 750.000 people. It is one of the most important and historical provinces of Turkey. Our school was established in 1889. As a national secondary school our mission is to give open and innovative education and prepare the students for being good World and European students. Youth means future so we will encourage the youth to be active in democratic life.

Unfortunately our school is a crowded school and classrooms are not available for the target education. Suitable language learning occasions can not be formed. Most of our students haven't been abroad. We believe that we will have a good chance for our students to visit different countries. It will be a great chance to practice English, as it's very important for them to learn English as a second language. Because English a global language, it's a must to learn English and speak fluently.
Our school’s aim is that education is a process that progresses regularly and in a planned manner. According to modern education understanding, the formation and control of this process and the regulation of classroom activities are the responsibility of the teachers who work as guides.

Developments in different areas bring changes in attitudes and behaviors and interest of the people. The skateholders who benefit from this process in our school are influenced too. Due to this, it is an inevitable need for our students and teachers, who are the cornerstone of education, to achieve their own development.

We think that it would be useful to share views on this issue in other European countries .
We will be able to find new ways to respond better to our students' needs by sharing experiences and the good practices and also increase our capacity and efficiency.


Cudibey Secondary School had a project named Organizing Activities To Rise Opportunities Equality in education for the Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Donation Programme. Unfortunately it wasn't approved. This time we count on, our project 'Square-Eyed Students' will be approved.

As a key person English teacher Serap Altun Sensoy, who has attented project preparation training seminars, likes doing research, brainstorms and meetings. She is always trying to do various kinds of projects like KA1, KA2 and e-twinning projects. She is coordinating 2 different e-twinning project right now.

Another key person is Esra Sevim, who also participated in project preparation seminars and writing KA1 project team of the school. She is a Maths teacher, who tries to develop herself all the time. We are experienced in project writing. We have 1 KA1 project, 1 partnership of KA1 project and 1 parnership of this KA2 project. Although we are good at writing projects we want to see innovation of Europe and views on this issue of European countries. Unfortunately our students are spending most of their time with playing online games, using social media or watching videos on Youtube. They cannot concentrate on their lessons because of those reasons. They don't sleep properly and this affects their coursetime badly. Of course internet, technology and innovations are great for all human beings and they make our lives easier, but most of our students don't know how to use internet effectively. We aim to teach them the effective sides of internet and try to make them more sociable.

A short film about the school here.