Mobility to Bršadin, Croatia

As a Turkish team we had a great time in Croatia.The hosting country was welcoming and tried to do their best. Our students enjoyed a lot from workshops and they learnt how to use computer and internet more efficiently.They improved their English and gained experience.We learnt Croatian culture history and traditions.In the national day we tasted different food from partner countries.We visited a lot of schools and talked a lot of teachers ,learnt their education system.

We met new people from Croatia and learnt about their  culture and public life of the local community.Owing to cultural programme  we learnt culture and customs through songs and dancing ;songs in Danish, Estonian, Hungarian, and Turkish languages.Presenting of schools, towns and countries of the partners were amazing.Ice-breaking activities and intercultural exercises for the students to get to know each other was well organized and enjoyable.
Our main aim in this project is to teach our students how to use ICT more efficiently.We try to achieve our goals we make different kinds of workshops in each country.We think that we gain a lot of good experiences from workshops and cultural visits.
Thanks a lot. It was an unforgettable experience for us.

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