2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Hungary

The second transnational project meeting took place in Hungary 30th April – 05th May 2018.

 The members of the Square Eyed Students Erasmus+ project could evaluate the previous meetings, work on the following steps and learn about the Hungarian culture and visit the main sights of Budapest and Csongrád. 

Attila Kiss, the Hungarian coordinator, took care about the accommodation and needs of the Danish, Croatian, Estonian and Turkish partners. The head of the meeting was Rikke Balle Rasmussen. She is the project coordinator from Gislev Friskole, Denmark. During the meetings, the partners gave their opinions on the overall main goals and objectives of our project. Rene Leiner from Estonia gave a summary of the evaluations made in Turkey and in Croatia. Attila Kiss talked about the website of the project and Rikke Balle Rasmussen made a quality management plan.  We worked with virtual tools (e-twinning, twin space) and we discussed deadlines and responsibilities. We planned the next student exchange meeting in Estonia, and the third transnational project meeting as well. Besides the daily work, we also had some free time. We usually spent our afternoons together, while we were talking about the project, our culture and visited the main sights of our country. In Csongrád after visiting János Batsányi Secondary Grammar School, we met the Mayor of the town, Tamás Bedő. We are looking forward to travelling to Estonia.


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