C4 Short-term exchange of groups of students in Hungary

The 4th The short-term exchanges of groups of students within Erasmus+ project "Square Eyed Students" was hosted by János Batsányi Grammar School in Csongrád in April. Our days were full with programmes which were enjoyable on the "Square Eyed Students" E+ project.

mBot programming, fun physics, bike ride, chimney cake... We had a bike tour in the natureWe could see the very beginning of hungarian past in Ópusztaszer, have had a hundred years-like old lesson at a museum school, explored Szeged.
We had poetry workshop, recited the song, have witnessed the fun side of science making chemistry experiments and exploring seafood in the bio lab. Teachers were also explorers... We attended four hand made crafts workshops and produced jewelry, pottery, decorated eggs with wax and baked "angel wings" cakes in the old Csongrád.
We hope the programmes was interesting for students and teachers, we' ve learned a lot, including indoors and outdoors activities- digital addiction free. Our eyes were not square but round these days...

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