4th Transnational Project Meeting in Turkey

The 4th Transnational MeetingĀ  within Erasmus+ project "Square Eyed Students" was held in Istanbul,Turkey.We had three days meeting full with answering the question for the final report.We evaluated our which lasted two years time.We negotiated the questions all together and made our comments.

During two years we had seven mobilities,four of them was students Exchange and 3 of them was transnational projects.It was a great and unforgettable experience for our students.We filled in questionnaires after each mobilities and evaluated the activities and mobility week.While writing final report we checked questionnare results and read the application form again to check if we did what we promised on the form.We finished writing the final report in three days time.

We worked hard within two years,we learned a lot of things about the Project idea,education systems, culture,traditions and countries.We gained a lot of experience and friendship.

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