3rd Transnational Project Meeting in Estonia

The III transnational project meeting within Erasmus+ project "Square Eyed Students" was hosted by Tartu Raatuse School in Tartu and took place from November 25 to November 26 2018. To these dates two travelling dates were added. 10 teachers from all five different countries participated.

Topic that were covered during the meeting were oral evaluation of student meeting in Tartu, dissemination - how are we doing? Each partner presented how they disseminate our project. Also the issues regarding the use of E-Twinning/Twinspace were covered. We agreed upon future activities and deadlines. Hungarian team presented the draft program of activities that will be held during the last students involved LTTA in Csongrad. The discussion about it was held and decisions made. Project partners once again went through the main goals and objectives of our project and realized that we have been doing a great job and everything will be even better in the future. We also agreed again about the next deadlines of the activities that must be carried out in every participating school before our next LTTA in Hungary. Among them is the mobile and screen free day after what the students must make a vox-pop video, where involved student from school give their opinion about pros and cons on being without digital devices. The partners agreed also on the distribution of tasks between ourselves regarding the final report that will be finished during our 4th transnational project meeting in Turkey in August 2019.

Some dissemination links from partners countries:

From Croatia here.

From Estonia here is the link about our Tartu meeting on their school webpage. Photogallery is here.

From Denmark here.

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