Square Eyed Students - the project has started

As we have already mentioned, we and our European partners (Estonian, Danish, Croatian, Turkish), who take part in the SES Erasmus+ project, would like to show you the possibilities of info-communication tools and applications, but at the same time we also would like to make it clear that personal relationships and spending our free time with the help of arts are very important. At the end of November we reached the second milestone of our project when we visited our Turkish partner in Trabzon, Cudibey Ortaokulu primary school. The children had the possibility to practice their English, and we, the teachers, also had the chance to learn from each other. This time we could exchange methodological experiences as well. The students, who entered our application, solved not only the tasks undertaken in the implementation of the project but also learned a lot about the Turkish culture and education system. We spent the mornings at the hospitality school, where we talked about the causes and dangers of digital addiction and about what could be done to make us less dependent on the world of computers and smart phones in our free time. In the afternoon we had the chance to get acquainted with the school's leisure time activities, Turkish culture, sport and gastronomy. At the end of the project, our students gained not only valuable experiences but also managed to get real European connections as well.

Some dissemination links from partners countries:

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