Gislev Friskole

Address: Faaborgvej 24
Postal code/ZIP: 5854
Town/Suburb/City: Gislev
Country: Denmark

Csongrádi Batsányi János Gimnázium

Address: Kossuth tér 1.
Postal code/ZIP : 6640
Town/Suburb/City: Csongrád
Country: Hungary

Cudibey Ortaokulu

Address: Cumhuriyet m. kasım s. no:15
Postal code/ZIP: 61100
Town/Suburb/City: Ortahisar
Country: Turkey 

Osnovna škola Bršadin

Address: Duje Zaharića bb
Postal code/ZIP: 32222
Town/Suburb/City: Bršadin
Country: Croatia

Tartu Raatuse

Address: Raatuse 88a
Postal code/ZIP: 51009
Town/Suburb/City: Tartu
Country: Estonia

Gislev Friskole - our coordinator

Gislev Friskole is a free private school situated in a rural area. The school was founded in 1872 and its ideology is based on Grundtvig and Kold. We have112 students within the age of 6-16 years. We teach from Kindergarten to 9'th grade at the school. We are 9 teachers, 3 pedagogical employees, 7 kindergarten teachers and 4 practical workers at the school. In addition to the school is an affiliated private Kindergarten "Solstrålen" with 44 children in the age of 2,5-6 years old. The school and the kindergarten are about to unite in the spring 2017, with the school headmistress as the leader of both institutions. The cooperation with Erasmus+ has been approved by the leader of both institutions, Gitte Jørgensen from Solstrålen and Maja Kvist from Gislev Friskole. Rikke Balle Rasmussen will be the responsible coordinator of the project. Mrs. Maja Kvist will be the legislative representative of both organisations. Since we are uniting, as one organisation, we look forward to involve the Kindergarten in the Erasmus+ work.

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Tartu Raatuse Kool

Tartu Raatuse School is a primary school, with 9 grades (students up to 16 years old). Today about 465 students are studying and 52 teachers, 4 members of school support staff and a school nurse are working in our school. Moreover, there are 18 people who belong to the list of school service staff.The school has a canteen with its professional team that provides high-quality school lunches which are well-approved among the people in and out of school. The side benefit the school has is providing English or German language learning from the first grade.

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Osnovna škola Bršadin

Osnovna škola Bršadin was formed and began to work as an independent primary school in 2012. Attendants are students of 7-14 years. All classrooms in our school are equipped with a computer and a projector, and in one classroom there has been installed the whiteboard, with the aim of greater clarification, and wider possibilities of research work using ICT. In the entire school building Internet is installed for the needs of modern teaching. In addition to standard classrooms we have IT classroom in which our students acquire computer skills. Our school library is a place where students love to stay, do the research and prepare school plays. We have organized virtual classes for one student who, due to difficulties, follows the lessons from home. Until this school year our school attended a student with auditory difficulties, included in regular class. All of our students with disabilities have their own assistants. Therefore, we are very sensitive to children who belong to sensitive groups in order to achieve a higher degree of inclusion. In our school we conduct classes in Serbian and Croatian language. English is taught from the first grade, and from 4th grade German language, as well. What stands out our school is striving for respect for diversity. Together with the students, we nurture the culture and customary tradition of our nation, and with joy we get to know other people and cultures.

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Csongrádi Batsányi János Gimnázium, Szakgimnázium és Kollégium

The educational work was started on 13th November in 1920 in our institution. Its representative building and the offered high level educational work has always provided a decisive role of it, not only in Csongrád but in the nearby villages and towns as well.

There are more than 430 students currently in the János Batsányi Secondary Grammar School in Csongrád (Csongrádi BatsányiJános Gimnázium) who had the opportunity to choose from four- or eight-grades high school classes with science, humanities or tourism specializations.

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